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Let's dive together(!) into the rabbithole of making PCB art. I'll give an intro into the KiCAD and SVG2Shenzen. Some insights on how my general PCB design workflow looks like, at work and in my spare time.

I'd like to introduce you to a bunch of tools for making nice looking PCBs.

First it's KiCAD, which made another jump forward from 4.xx to 5.xx, there are still way to much hobbyists out there who use closed source software, even for open hardware projects.

Secondly it's SVG2Shenzen, an inkscape extension developed by Budi Prakosa from Yogyakarta (he did quite some cool other project, it's worth to check them out). Which allows to export stuff drawn in inkscape to differnt KiCAD layer, and finally to gerber.

Participants should have installed KiCAD, inkscape and svg2shenzen.


Day: 2019-06-15
Start time: 21:00
Duration: 02:15
Room: Workshop Room
Track: Hardware
Language: en


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